1. (Over)-Thinking … Possibly the biggest and worst addiction on this planet and only a few are really aware of this addiction – the habit of excessive thinking. The voice in your head that is non-stop talking to you and which keeps you constantly distracted in the world of thoughts. You are not able to be in the present moment, to feel and experience what is happening around you. That thinking that constantly questioning your self-confidence and what keeps you away from being completely yourself and to feel good and free. Watch some of the videos and movies below to get a better understanding of the mind control. You will never really feel happy and fullfilled if you don’t fix this addiction. Do not waste your life time of beeing a slave of your own toughts and your mind. Don’t let life pass you by! Your mind is the most important thing you have to master. Good videos & movies to the topic Revolver: Peacefull Warrior: The teachings of Eckhart Tolle: 2. Informations, Smartphone, Social-Media & Internet The smartphones and social-media is progammed to make us addicted to it. It is a non-stop dopamin kick with new sensory impressions we get from social-media or the internet. Most of us are addicted to scrolling on facebook, instagram and so on. The mind gets distracted already after a short while and we are not able to present anymore. Our intention and our focus got lost in the world of social media. How to fix it? Should you avoid social-media completly? No, social-media is not a bad thing. It is a brilliant invention of our modern time. But only if you use it in the right way and with focus in your mind. Rather you use it to get informations, inspiration for a specific topic, to connect with people or you help and inspire people over it. The most important thing is to be aware of what you are doing! 3. Television A large part of our society consumes films, series, shows and news from the television every day. It is the way how the governments brainwash their citiziens. It also holds the people constantly in fear and distraction. 4. Tobacco and Nicotine 5. Porn Porn consumption has now become a widespread disease. Especially men consume porn, which makes them weak-willed. 6. Alcohol 7. Video-Games 8. Drugs (Mariuhanna etc.) Why people are using drugs? It is probably because it gives them a short while of feeling to be alive again. Out of their mind. This addiction also probably arose from the addiction to constant thinking. Constant thinking = we feel empty and unhappy 9. Food Good food gives us good emotions. It is not uncommon for people to be addicted to these emotions. They no longer eat purely because they are hungry, but out of appetite. In addition, many foods are filled with substances that trigger our brain. 10. Work Are you able to enjoy your life without thinking about letting your work down? Especially the self-employed suffer from it, because there is always work to be done. However, it is very important to find a point where you put your work aside and focus on yourself. To go to the gym, spending quality time with your partner or maybe your children, meditating, completely relaxing in the bed (without any distractions) or going into nature. What do you think? Let a comment below!